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About me

Hello! My name is Oleg, and I transform programming into a form of expression where each line of code is part of a larger story. As a frontend developer, I passionately use React to create websites that not only look great but also work flawlessly, thanks to thoughtful architecture and strong business logic.

My projects

platform for professionals and clients.
mobile app for professionals and clients.
e-commerce cosmetics and perfumes.
meta data index

Rastcom transforms the way clients and professionals find each other. From lawyers to waiters, our platform offers an intuitive calendar, personalized profiles, integrated chat, convenient order track

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My services

Веб застосунок
Web App
I specialize in developing dynamic web applications, using React to create flexible and interactive user interfaces. My web applications are optimized for high performance and reliability, perfectly suited for various online services and corporate applications.
E-commerce проект
E-commerce Project
Using Next.js, I create SEO-optimized E-commerce platforms that ensure fast page loading and improved interaction with search engines.
Застосунок для iOS та Android
App Development for iOS & Android
Using React Native, I specialize in creating mobile applications that function excellently on both iOS and Android platforms. My applications not only look and feel native but also stand out for their high performance and optimal adaptation to user needs.
Застосунок для Mac та Windows
App Development for Mac & Windows
Developing desktop applications for Mac and Windows using Electron. This allows me to create multi-platform solutions with equally high performance and native capabilities for each OS, including integration with system resources and user interfaces.
Оптимізація продуктивності
Performance Optimization
I specialize in optimizing the performance of web and mobile applications. My approach includes streamlining code, reducing load times, and ensuring responsive design. This results in faster, more efficient applications, enhancing user experience and search engine rankings.
Using advanced tools such as GSAP for animations and Framer Motion to add movement and dynamics, I ensure that your digital products not only perform quickly but also provide users with a pleasant and engaging experience.

Professional experience

Front-End React Developer
05.2023 - 01.2024+
Service ordering platform. Worked on the development of a calendar, chat, access system based on subscription levels, user profiles, verification, admin panel. Transfer project's to mobile devices using React Native.
ReactReact NativeTypeScriptSCSSRedux ToolkitMuiSocket.ioReact Big Calendarframer motionGit
Front-End React Developer
Team Сhallenge
05.2023 - for now+
Conducted code reviews, provided motivation and direction, assisted in problem solving and development tasks, reviews documentation. The team included 2 designers, 1 project manager, 2 back-end developers and 4 front-end developers
ReactNextJSTypeScriptSCSSRedux Toolkitframer motionMuiGSAPGit
Front-End React Developer
05.2022 - 04.2023+
Platforms for finding video materials. Сutting video into segments, adding metadata, structuring data, rubber UI, optimizing video streaming and developing functions to store and modify data on the user's computer.
Front-End React Developer
Robin Bobbin
10.2021 - 05.2022+
Coffee shop. Adaptive UI development, shopping cart, admin panel, delivery order acceptance, reviews, delivery time.
NextJSTypeScriptRedux ToolkitStyled ComponentGreensockSOAPXMLSVN
Project Manager
Sharm Beauty
2014 - 2020+
2020 - 2021 - Opening and development coffee shop “RobinBobbin”
2018 - 2021 - Product Owner
2017 - 2021 - Working on expanding on Sharm
2017 - 2021 - Head of the Lux department of the Shram
2014 - 2019 - Improvement of conditions with suppliers

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Від імені компанії "Шарм", ми хочемо висловити нашу глибоку подяку Олегу за його вагомий внесок у нашу компанію протягом останніх років. Від відкриття та розвитку кав'ярні "RobinBobbin" у 2020-2021 роках до його ролі як Product Owner на, Олег демонстрував надзвичайну відданість та професіоналізм. Його інноваційний підхід і лідерство в розширенні "Шарм" та управлінні відділом Lux від 2017 до 2021 років відіграли ключову роль у зміцненні нашої позиції на ринку.
During his tenure at ETERE, Oleg proved to be a responsible developer who was eager to learn and improve. He actively participated in the development of our interfaces and work with video content, which contributed to the enhancement of our productivity.
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