Browser as a key tool of web development

Article: I analyze which browsers developers choose.

Particularly, Chrome, which seems to meet all the necessary requirements, especially with its plethora of plugins. This reminds me of Visual Studio Code, which is also used as a code editor. However, simply installing it isn't enough for efficient work—it's important to select, learn about the plugins, and also check if they remain relevant and compatible with your version of the software. Therefore, my choice fell on WebStorm—a tool that has already proven its power and efficiency. But is there a WebStorm equivalent in the world of browsers? Yes, and it's Polypane. This browser is constantly being improved, offering a free trial period, so I recommend everyone to try it. If you don't like it, please write why—I'm interested in hearing your opinion.

During testing Polypane, I found the following advantages:

  • Visual integration of SEO elements: page titles, headers, their count, robot.txt files, canonical links, etc.
  • Extensive capabilities for testing website responsiveness, allowing you to see simultaneously how a page looks on different devices without needing to reload. You can select a specific device and assess its visualization.
  • Scroll synchronization between multiple page displays, simplifying comparative design analysis.
  • Automatic detection and indication of errors in HTML and CSS, enhancing code quality.
  • Integration with other tools and services through APIs, improving workflow efficiency.

However, there are also drawbacks:

  • Polypane may prove difficult to use on weaker devices.

Although I haven't had time to evaluate all of Polypane's capabilities yet, it's already clear that this tool can change your approach to web development.

My impressions of Polypane are mostly positive, although some aspects still need deeper testing. Despite some drawbacks, I advise everyone looking for a more efficient web development solution to try this tool. Polypane can not only enhance productivity but also offer new opportunities for creative approaches in design and coding.

Oleg Tkach
Oleg Tkach